Your hands allow you to perform your daily tasks. Imagine not being able to use your hands to work, cook, clean, play sports, along with the numerous other things you use them for daily. This is hard to imagine, right? Those who suffer from moderate to severe hand pain often find themselves in this position. Hand pain can prevent you from doing the things you need and love to do. There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing hand pain, along with numerous treatments to get your hands back to their normal, functioning state. We’ll be going over a few of the common diagnoses along with their symptoms and treatments to help you understand your next steps in recovery.

Arthritis: This is caused when one or more of the joints in your hand/fingers become inflamed. Arthritis is the leading cause of hand pain. Some of the symptoms include pain and stiffness in the joints in the morning, warmth at the affected joint, pain after overuse, swelling around joints, and sensations of grinding, grating, or looseness around finger joints.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: This happens when a nerve in your wrist gets pinched by a narrowing carpal tunnel. The common symptoms include decreased grip strength, difficulty grasping small objects, pain during the night, and difficulty feeling difference between heat and cold.

Peripheral neuropathy: This condition causes numbness, pain, and weakness in your hands. This happens when your peripheral nerves are damaged. Numbness, prickling, or tingling sensations can be indications of this.

Stenosing tenosynovitis: This condition is also known as Trigger Finger. This is a painful condition that occurs when your finger or thumb gets stuck in a bent position. This is caused by swollen tendon sheaths, causing the tendon to get stuck. This is usually characterized by severe pain at the base of the finger and inability to straighten it.

If you’re experiencing any type of hand/finger pain, it impacts how you perform your daily activities. Don’t let this pain affect you any longer! Dr. Peterson is a hand specialist and can help diagnose and treat the pain you’re feeling. Our goal is to get you back to a fully functioning life! Give us a call at 435-774-8512 to schedule your appointment with us!