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Wrist Pain

Whether your wrist pain is from a long-term problem like osteoarthritis or a traumatic injury, Dr. Peterson can help. Dr. Peterson has experience working with wrists to help stabilize them and minimize pain.

Hand Pain

Dr. Peterson is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of hand pain.. With a proper diagnosis, he’ll be able to direct you through a treatment plan specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Finger Pain

Fingers have numerous different joints, making them easily susceptible to pain and injury. Dr. Peterson has had specialized training in dealing with finger conditions.


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Hand Injuries

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    Dr. Erik Peterson, MD

    About Me

    Dr. Peterson, attended the University of Toledo Medical School and completed his orthopedic surgery residency in Ohio. While there, he was given the Orthopedic Student of the Year award, along with medical school academic honors. He went on complete his Hand and Upper Extremity fellowship at the University of New Mexico. His research there focused on optimal techniques for wrist reconstruction, while he honed his microsurgical techniques in the operating room.

    While he excels in his medical endeavors, he also keeps in touch with the community by volunteering his free time to many community and church organizations. Dr. Peterson was born and raised in Holladay, Utah and completed his undergraduate education at the University of Utah. He is fluent in Italian and enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He resides in North Logan with his wife and three children.

    He enjoys working with patients of all ages in restoring a healthy and fulfilling quality of life, understanding that our hands are a crucial part of how we interact with the world around us.

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    Dr.Petersen is awesome! Got my finger put back together and had me in PT 2 weeks later getting movement back in it! – Dave
    Dr. Peterson has taken such amazing care of my 91 yr old mother. Very patient, and thorough. Before she saw him, her hand grip strength was less than 1 pound, and could not close her hand in a fist. Two fingers stuck out. She had a year of physical therapy in Calif, and an incorrect diagnosis from leading west coast facility. After his careful surgical intervention, and great physical therapy, she now has 15 pound grip strength in that hand and can make a fist. Not all cases are the same, but he has improved my mom’s life! – Mary

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